NYSC Allawee for all States in Nigeria (Current)

NYSC state Allawee/Allowances for different states in Nigeria.


We wrote earlier on the best states to serve as a youth corper in Nigeria. This time,  we shall list the NYSC allowance or state allawee paid by the different states in Nigeria.

NYSC is a compulsory one year service to Nigeria. One is required as a graduate of any recognised university in Nigeria to serve his or her nation. Before prospective corp members gets their call-up letters for service, they would like to know how much states would pay to Youth corpers serving in the state.

The truth of the matter concerning NYSC allowance is that most states that are considered unsafe for Youth corpers hardly pay state allowance, while the states considered best states for serving as NYSC corp members pay corpers from N5000 naira to N15k depending on the place of posting.

There was a rumour that the Federal Government wanted to increase the Youth Corpers allawance to a new salary of N36, 000, but it was debunked by the former Director General of the National Youth Service Corp.

Aside from the federal government normal allowee for youth corpers which is N19, 800, there are other ways to make money as a youth corper easily which we covered extensively here.

Please note this current list of NYSC Allowance for the different states In Nigeria might imcrease or decrease as time goes on

Below is a list of state Allawii in Nigeria for serving corpers.

1. Akwa Ibom State Pays N10,000.

2. Lagos state Pays N15,000 and some times N10,000 to corpers in ministry and N5000 to those  in LGA.

3.Sokoto State pays N4,000 and N9,000 to those in state hospital.

4.Enugu State Pays N10,000.

5.Oyo State Pays N3,800.

6.Osun State Pays N5,000.

7.Kano State Pays N4,000.

8.Borno State Pays N1,000.

9.Niger State Pays N6,000.

10.Yobe State Pays N2,500.

11. Bayelsa Pays N3,000.

12. Ekiti state Pays N5,000.

13. Ogun State Pays N5,000.

14. Delta States Pays N5,000.

15. Bauchi State Pays N1,250.

16.Cross River State Pays N3,090.

17.Zamfara State Pays N3,000.

18.Abia State Pays N5,000.

19.Imo State Pays N2,000.

20.Taraba state Pays N10,000.

21. Kaduna State Pays 3000.

22. Jigawa State Pays 10,000.

23. Kano State Pays 10,000.

24. Nassarawa State Pays 3,000.

25. Porthacourt has not yet paid corpers for the past 5 years.

As you all know that no man is an island of knowledge, this list of state allawee for Youth corpers in Nigeria may not be complete or totally correct, if you feel that we ommitted any Nigerian state or didn’t get any figure correctly, kindly assist us by putting the correct answer for NYSC state allowance for corpers using the comment section below.


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  1. Osikhuemhe Muhammed Emeleau

    Kano State doesn’t pay anything to corpers,it’s happened am serving here in Kano State under Fagge local government

    1. But why? Person not the chop? Ah ah.

  2. Correction: Rivers State not Port Harcourt have not paid corpers for about 5 years. My opinion is because when you say port harcourt it sound as if other LGA paid.

  3. Most states doesn’t pay and OSUN state is one of them. So please update your post.I’ll like to correct your statement “I think most states that are considered unsafe are the ones that actually pays”

  4. Ekiti state no dey pay at aaaalllll, you are on your own. I serve in Oye lga

  5. May be the writer of this story is not publisher of this newspaper or might have picked up this story on the street. Most of the above named states have stopped paying corpers allowance for long!

    1. True @Adams! perhaps the person want to gain cheap publicity

      1. You don’t need to be rude, the writer specified that if you know the correct Allawee for various states in Nigeria you should help clarify and not criticise. Thanks

  6. Its best you make your research very well before you paste this kind of repulsive information. Most of the state you mentioned here don’t pay what you documented above. Ekiti state is not paying a dime not to talk of 5k

    1. You don’t need to be rude, the writer specified that if you know the correct Allawee for various states in Nigeria you should help clarify and not criticize. Thanks

  7. jigawa state pays 5k

  8. hop lagos state is paying wel

  9. kogi state pay #3500, and ondo state pay #5000. but, osun doesn’t pay any coper.

  10. Ebonyi state pays 5k

  11. Kano State was printed twice

  12. But why nah?

  13. abeg kano akwaibom taraba and anambra how much are they paying currently

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