Omoyele Sowore Biography & Net Worth (Owner Of Sahara Reporters)

This article talks about the biography of Omoyele Sowore and his net worth, founder and owner of Sahara Reporters, an online medium that can be controversial at times.


Picture of Sowore, owner of Sahara Reporters


Omoyele Sowore was born into a polygamous family of sixteen siblings. He developed his passion for the media in the days of military rule in Nigeria. According to him, the vibrant criticism from the media then towards the ruling government gave him a sense of direction of what he wanted to do.

So, when he left Nigeria in 1999 for the United States for proper treatment after the cultists’ attacks, he knew he would not stop serving his fatherland. In 2006, he founded Sahara Reporters in a small room in Manhattan.

It was not until December 2006 that Sahara Reporters became an international household name as the first news source to identify and publish the photo of  Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. Since then, it has published over 5,000 stories and has a massive followership within and without Nigeria.

Though Sowore practices his citizen journalism in New York where he is protected by the First Amendment Rights, he receives several news tips and beats from even reporters in Nigeria whose editors are afraid to use their controversial stories. He “resumes” work by midnight, New York time, when many Nigerians are already up and about.

Educational Background

Omoloye Sowore attended the University of Lagos (UNILAG) where he studied Geography and Plannings. He and holds a master’s degree in public administration from Colombia University. He teaches Modern African History at the City University of New York and Post Colonial African History at the School of Art, New York.

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How it all began

The fiery activism of this man in his 40s got national prominence between 1992-1994, when he led the Students Union Government of the University of Lagos. When his mates chose the glittering broad way of life, he combined his Geography lectures with a firm determination to put a stop to cultism in the university.

As is expected in every life situation, his adversaries could not bare his torture anymore and chose to put a stop to him. It is alleged that on a fateful day in 1994, some of these cultists came in their number to beat, torture, strip Unclad and inject him with lead.

The threats

Those whose ox have been gored have not failed to threaten Omoyele and his team. He explains that it is for this reason he sometime does not publish evidence or names of the reporter so that the well-meaning person will not be traced and unjustly punished.

To be able to thrive with its increasing growth rate, Sahara Reporters is supported by grants donated by the Ford Foundation and the Omidyar Foundation. Contrary to what many might think, the name “Sahara” was given based on a passionate drive to kick up a storm in Nigeria, not based on a geographical location.

On the side, when he is not revealing some hard truths about the Nigerian government, Omoyele is teaching in School of Visual Arts, New York or giving a talk somewhere. Currently, it is said that sowore wants to contest for for the presidential race come 2019.


However, that story, as with many others concerning Omoyele, has been met with a lot of controversies. Many claim that Omoyele was actually a brutal cultist fighting other rival cults with his SUG sit-tight presidency. It is said that it was when these rival cultists felt they had enough of his troubles that they attacked him while he was attacking another cultist. Those who validate this report opine that lead cannot be harmful except given in large quantities. Hence, the cultists could not have injected him with lead if they really meant to do him harm.

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Still on the controversies, many have also said that Omoyele’s Sahara Reporters is a strong media tool used by Omoyele to extort money from politicians. They also say that he is in the pockets of some political officers who have given him cash or kind to ridicule their rivals on his online platform.

One of the most popular controversies is that it was alleged that Omoyele received a huge gift from sitting President Mohammed Buhari to ridicule former President Goodluck Jonathan during this year’s election campaigns.

The issue of Dino Melaye, an outspoken senator in Nigeria who was alleged of not attending ABU Zaria by Sahara Reporters are just but a few controversy Sowore is involved with.

Net Worth

Sahara Reporters website is said to be worth $10 million currently. Sowore is also a wealthy man and he is happily married to a wife with children.

Presidential Race

The movement of Omoyele Sowore for President 2019 has become the talk of the town as the media icon is determined to unseat the Buhari APC led administration from power in the next year elections to hold by February 2019. He has moved his campaign train to gather supports from different states in the country like Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Kano, etc.


When he came to Lagos, Sowore was arrested after speaking to the youths at shoprite but was later released that night. He has since organized series of town hall meetings where ever his presidential campaign train went and has seeked support from prominent Nigerians like Wole Soyinka, Emir of Kano etc as he is determined to become Nigeria’s next president come 2019.

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As of writing this post, the political party Sowore belongs to has not yet being made public, but he uses the #Takeitback as his campaign motto. You can watch YouTube videos on Sahara Tv channel to see more of Sowore’s town hall meetings with the aggrieved citizens of the country.



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  1. Nwanyioma

    You have not said anything about his marriage. We want to be sure that he is that responsible because ‘charity begins at home’ If he doesn’t have a stable home( I mean one wife,) then he should forget his presidential ambition. Secondly,Omoyele must respect old age, he can’t be insulting people, calling them names, it is not in us. He can still tell us that Jonathan squandered our money without calling him a thief. Thirdly Even other leaders never insulted religious leaders in their countries so he must respect the oil on their heads. It is God that will judge them and not him. Remember, that as he has started, he shouldn’t fall by the way side, he has to move from sokoto to portharcourt, Be consistent. He can not go anywhere unless God says so, so he should give us a full story of himself First including his religious inclination. Boldly declare his spiritual inclination. Because we don’t want an aetheist for a leader.

    1. Jide Jay

      With all due respect, i think the respect culutre is a big part of our problem in Nigeria, the more we subject Nigeria to cultural and religious bias, the more retrogressive we will become! we all have the right to freedom of speech and if an ex-president wives was taken to court for embezzlement, what does that makes them? decent thief? The political class dont respect the youth or Nigerians so why should you offer them that benefit. open your eyes, our pastors are even worse and they love the status quo. Nigerians are waking up from thier slumber from daddy freeze to Sowore to many more that have realised that our mumu don do. respect my foot.

    2. Jide Jay

      With all due respect, i think the respect culutre is a big part of our problem in Nigeria, the more we subject Nigeria to cultural and religious bias, the more retrogressive we will become! we all have the right to freedom of speech and if an ex-president wives was taken to court for embezzlement, what does that makes them? decent thief? The political class dont respect the youth or Nigerians so why should you offer them that benefit. open your eyes, our pastors are even worse and they love the status quo. Nigerians are waking up from their slumber from daddy freeze to Sowore to many more that have realised that our mumu don do. respect my foot.

    3. Rose

      He can call them as many names as he wants.
      With all that these so called leaders have done, insults mean nothing.

    4. The Legend

      @ Nwanyioma, so you are so concerned and troubled about the insults but you are not concerned about the damages/havoc they have caused everywhere across the nation. Those leaders deserve more than this insult. Please let Sowore be. In fact, whether you like it or not, Sowore shall be Nigeria’s President in 2019. When you said let Sowore leave them alone that God will judge them, let me tell you, God will not come down by Himself, He uses people like Sowore

    5. Aaron Black

      Lets call a spade a spade. They are crooks and bloody criminals. They’ve almost run the economy aground. is it when Nigeria looks like south Sudan or her economy regresses to that of Malawi you’ll start complaining?, also we don’t have to drag the Almighty God into this matter. He has given to us all that’s required to build a nation and be prosperous. See, If i have my way i would roundup the past leaders, strip them of their wealth and either send them to the International criminal court or exterminate them for perpetrating crime against humanity in Nigeria.
      Sorry am sounding like this, but those are the options i would prefer to take.You know, if you leave the shores of Nigeria you,ll understand what am talking about, with the level of development here and there, you’ll be disappointed at your country especially when we have the oil wealth at our disposal.

    6. Oluwaseun

      You do not want an Aetheist as a leader?? Who do you want please? You are one of the people that have been bought over wrongly with religion in this country. Think it over and amend your ways. Stay blessed!

    7. Airhihen Precious

      I think you are talking some sense

    8. lanre abiola

      truth is painful, Africans does not like to hear the truth. Respect is a two way.

    9. Noah Magaji

      Nwanyioma I supposed that you want the best for the country. If you like you can call me a pastor for what I am. But a bunch of these so called men of God are strictly part of the problem of Nigeria alongside the politicians. Even the Bible does not give respect to those who do not respect themselves. When you minimise corruption, when you flatter with a virus and you perfume disgusting trash can in order to win the praise of people, then you are not ready to deal with the problem. People are different. Omoyole Sowore has an absolutely right attitude to who Nigerians truly need as a president. I know it’s good to have responsible people which ofcourse he is in his own right, but if you are looking for a perfect person you will find none. You are not one, none of us is. Christianity should teach us that.

  2. Nwanyioma

    Let him respond first of all. Thanks.

  3. Hamira

    Please say you don’t want an atheist as a leader, don’t say ‘we’.
    What have all the religious people done to the country.
    Please remove your personal or religious inclination, as the Constitution of this country gives him that freedom.

  4. Peters

    My advice to him is this, having the zeal to do what is right for Nigeria as a president is not enough,he should try as much as possible to determine before he goes to the polls 2019 qualified citizens he will work with as ministers and heads of government agencies in order to address the country’s problems immediately he assumes office; define the problems of the country right now,identify the current resources available to the country and map out plans to resolve them while noting the extent to which these resources can resolve the problems in order to avoid a situations where a Presidential candidate promises to make the value of a dollar one naira then is elected to find out his promise is not feasible because of lack of resources;also bear in mind that this time in campaigns Nigerians will not just ask what you intend to do for them they will also ask how you intend to do it. Thank you and best of luck.

    1. Oluwaseun

      A millions kisses for you if you are a lady. One million gbosa for you if you a man.

  5. Moli

    PLease respond openly to Nwanyioma … a lot of us want seek her above stated clarification, also clarify the “cultist attack” comment… we await your response Sir.

    1. The information was researched from wikipedia and top news sites. The truth about biographies is that people are normally painted saints but if you carry out a deeper investigation, you might be shocked at what you would find.

  6. Bakare Omotayo Peter

    I think we should vote for him he really needs we Nigerians to vote, religion doesn’t determined good people, just vote for him and pray to God he fulfil all his promises, i pray God stand by him during the election and his time at the office God bless Nigeria.

  7. Nkay

    Nigerians, especially d Nigerian youths, yes! You you and you. Let’s do right by our country, by our future and our children’s future. Let’s forget religious sentiments and tribalism.
    My take on this is dat we vote for a young, vibrant and credible president and from my point of view d founder Sahara reporters is a good candidate.

  8. Akin Babasanya

    I am particularly happy that there is for once a young man who is ready to challenge the aristocractic system of government in Nigeria where you must belong to the old gards before you can contest.This is obviously a time of change in the political spectrum of Nigeria. We need a breath of fresh blood to come and turn things around. We are just too tired of these old age no brainers determining our future in Nigeria.
    I will encourage him to continue and push forward his agenda for change and also ask everyone both old and young in Nigeria to vote for him and change the face of politics in Nigeria for good. God bless him and God bless Nigeria

  9. Ogunjimi Oluwatoyin Hannah

    Yes it’s time for there to be change in our country Nigeria, also the time for the old age politicians to step down and allow the youth to step in and use the talents God gave onto them for the beautification of the country.

  10. Coeb Nelson Publishers Limited

    I support genuine change and every Nigerian does. Let’s take a deep, fresh political breath. This is very human. Good luck gentleman!

  11. Oyegbenga Makinde

    It is highly important to realise that this is Nigeria not France. Many tendered their manifestos but unable to accomplish them. Not because it was not possible but because of their fixed mind set. “business as usual”. Sowore said they are planning coalition of parties forgetting that he will be given conditions that he can not overrule when in power. PMB a case study. When the like Of Sowore is being elected and being surrounded by the like Of senators, reps and ministers that are not ashamed of their terrible anticident. Obviously, what will a yam set perform in a drum of palm oil?
    So let us (youth) rise and turn around the governance of our nation.


  12. Bari Adedeji Salau

    The Unity Party of Nigeria is a party resuscitated for the youths to enable them fulfill their political expression and ambition. I am the National Publicity Secretary of the party.This party was registered by those of us with vast political experience but frustrated with the manner of politicking now and the past ; nevertheless have seen some goods which can be improved upon. Among all the parties that have ruled Nigeria UPN stands unique in delivery of goods for the masses like free education; free health services ; integrated rural development and full employment as propounded by Sage Obafemi Awolowo, one of the reputable politicians including Doctor Nnamdi Azikiwe and Sultan Ahmadu Bello.These are leaders worthy of emulation whose heritage must be built upon. That is the legacy that the UPN represents and if young people like Sowore can be can run for President,Vice President, Senators, National Assembly Members and other political offices , so let it be. Sowore and his supporters and members should take the challenge as those of us Elder Statesmen withdraw.

  13. Aaron Black


    Sorry for the misspelling of the name”Nwanyiocha” instead of Nwanyioma.

  14. Innovator

    You probably didn’t read well. The article says ‘he is married to a wife’!
    Meanwhile someone who has lead the Union of not just a Institution but UNILAG could do well leading Nigeria with time.
    But I really think its his cabinet he would need to work on.
    I’m also interested in how he plans to manage the House…

  15. Shola

    Please I’ve been trying to find out about if this man is married. Its very important to know his character. Naija no enter one chance o. Character begins at home. No picture nothing about his wife and kid/s online. Please pople neec to ask the right questions.

    1. lanre abiola

      African with shallow mind. the married once that have been running you country have sold you all to slavery.

  16. lanre abiola

    leadership tested and proven

  17. Chinonso

    Sowore has been a fighter. I support him because I want a change in the Nigerian Status Quo.

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