Easy Steps on How to Travel Out Of Nigeria

There are a lot of reasons why people travel out of Nigeria. It could be for educative purposes, business purposes, tourism or even searching for greener pastures. Nevertheless, the processes of securing a visa to travel abroad might be a daunting task as most countries have strict travel rules especially when it comes to Nigerians […]

Things You Need Know About The Nigeria-Coat-Of-Arms

The Nigeria coat-of-arms was officially adopted in 1975. It represents the country’s symbol of national unity, state power. It was created together with the National Flag and was approved by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II on 7 December 1971.It was designed by a Bahamian artist and clergyman, Rev. Dr. Hervis L. Bain, Jr. Features Of […]

How to Buy A Used Car In Nigeria

With the increase of the naira against the dollar, buying a brand new car in Nigeria can be really expensive. People now resort to buy used cars a.k.a tokunbo cars. Although these used cars in Nigeria are cheaper than brand new cars, they still pose a great disadvantage to the buyer of such cheap cars. […]

How To Recite The Nigerian National Anthem

The Nigerian National Anthem was adopted in 1978 which replaced the old colonial anthem “Nigeria we hail thee”. It has two stanzas. Till date, most Nigerians don’t know how to recite the national anthem or even say her pledge. The Nigerian National Anthem is mostly said at official gatherings, sport events and military parades. When […]

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