Accredited Schools of Health Technology in Nigeria: Full List

Before the 70s, there were few schools of health technology in Nigeria. The story is now different as each state in the federation has at least one college of health technology. This was as a result of the conscious effort by the same federal government to bring this school close to the people. However, that […]

Lionel Messi new salary per week 2019: See Correct Details


Barcelona recently announced that Lionel Messi will stay at the club until 2021 with a newly improved salary of £500,000-per-week deal and also a $854m buy-out clause. This will make Lionel Messi the highest paid footballer in Europe at the moment this 2019. With all that he has achieved for and with FC Barcelona, Lionel […]

How To Work Remotely And Get Good Production Rate

It is true that working from home, from a distance, can make life considerably easier. There are professions that are unviable outside the workplace, but many others are already combining this modality that provides, above all, a better conciliation between personal life and work. There are already countries in which this way of working is […]

Kano State Polytechnic: HND Courses and Requirements (2019)

Kano state Polytechnic (KANOPOLY) is a tertiary institution owned by the Kano state Government. This polytechnic was established in 1975 and it is located in the ancient city of Kano. It is one of the oldest in the country and has division created to foster smooth running and administration. The Kano State Polytechnic has for […]

Courses at Kano State Polytechnic School of Management Studies

Kano state has over the years enriched itself academically with universities, polytechnics and colleges of education, making it one of the best northern state in the country to study and an interesting place to be in Nigeria. Kano is regarded as the industrial zone of Northern Nigeria and third in the country. Aside this, it […]

Full List of Kano State Colleges, Universities & Polytechnics

Kano state is one the most populous state in the country and its nicknamed “centre of commerce”. Aside being a commercial state, this state is also one of the most industrial states in the Nigeria and the most industrial in Northern region of the country. This state also houses a lot of educational institution ranging […]

Short Courses Offered at Lagos Business School (2019)


According to the information provided on the Lagos Business School website, over 92 percent of its MBA graduates get jobs within one year after graduation with top companies both within and outside Nigeria. The Lagos Business School (LBS) is the graduate business school of the Pan-Atlantic University, Nigeria. LBS offers academic programmes, executive programmes and […]

See How Many Years It Takes To Study Medicine in Nigeria

Do you want to know how many years it takes to study medicine in a Nigerian University? Then read on, this would be unveiled to you in this article. Before then, let look at the concept medicine. According to Wikipedia, Medicine is the science and practice of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. Medicine […]

5 Best Medical Courses To Study in Nigeria (2019)

The medical field is a wide field with different professionals each having his/her own niche. To many they only know of Medicine and Surgery, a field those who study it are known as Medical Doctors. However, they are not the only Medical Doctors. Other fields in the medical sciences also have Medical Doctors. In a […]

Youngest Professor in Nigeria (2019): Field & Profile

This is an interesting topic for me to write on. My reason; while growing up, I had been fascinated by the Professors around (I grew up in Zaria) and wanted to be one of them. In fact, my mum calls me the Youngest Professor. Regardless of if I end up being a professor or not, […]

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