10 Most Developed States in Nigeria (2018)

There are some states in Nigeria that are well developed with infrastructures and basic social amenities like portable drinking water, hospitals, good road networks, power supply, etc. These developed states are also among the richest states in the country and can survive independently from federal allocations using their internal generated revenue (IGR). While the development […]

10 Business Ideas for Students In Nigeria to Engage In

The stress of being a student in Nigeria is hectic. From the lecture hall to the library, buying textbooks and handouts, reading, paying your school fees, feeding, and other miscellaneous, coupled with the fact that you are required to come out with a good grade isn’t an easy one. With the current Nigerian situation, most […]

Full List of Churches in Nigeria & Founders

Christianity is one of the major religions in Nigeria and accounts for 48% of the general populace. As of today, Nigeria is most religious country in Africa and 2nd in the world. There are different church denominations in the country whose worship system differs from others. The similarity that exist between these Nigerian churches is […]

Richest Local Government Areas in Nigeria: Top 10


Nigeria is a country that has three tiers of government namely: the Federal Government, State Government and Local Government. For the purpose of this article, we are going to list the richest local government areas in Nigeria in terms of natural resources. Before we dive into the list, lets answer few questions for clarification. What […]

10 Most Populated Churches In Nigeria (2018)

Nigeria itself has the largest population of Christians in Africa and it is not surprising that there are many church denominations with thousands of congregations spread all over the country today. According to a recent survey, the population of Christians in the country is slight lesser than that of the Muslims. In fact, Christianity which […]

10 Cheapest State Universities in Nigeria (2018)


Here are 10 affordable state universities in Nigeria whose school fees are cheap to pay this 2018 and offer quality education. Lagos State University (LASU) Lagos State University, which is one of the most cheapest University in Nigeria, was founded in 1983 by Lagos State government. One of the motive for establishing this institution is […]

Tinubu Net Worth & Dangote Net Worth: Who Has More Money?


Tinubu and Dangote who is the richest. You could be wondering and thinking who is richer between a successful businessman and a successful politician in Nigeria. We are here to help you as we are going to compare two well-known and wealthy citizens of the country. In today’s post, we shall be comparing a successful […]

Top 10 Richest Men of God in Nigeria (2018)

How wealthy is your pastor? see the list of Nigeria’s richest men of God. It’s no doubt that Nigeria is made up of great and rich citizens who are capable of making things happen through their financial might. To back up this claim, Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote who hails from Kano state and the […]

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