Criticisms/problems Of The Civil Service in Nigeria


The civil service has its own problems and has been criticized as being an institution where political interference, tribalism, nepotism and other vices hold sway against its character. Below is a List of Problems Associated with the Civil Service in Nigeria 1. Negative or poor attitude to work:  Civil servants are known to display poor […]

Top 10 Best PR Companies in Nigeria


These are the best PR companies in Nigeria based on track record and expertise. We believe that there are several PR establishments out there but these are the ones that make the cut in no particular order. Below are 10 of them.  PR or Public Relations is the practice of managing communications between an organization […]

Top 10 Best HR Companies in Nigeria


There are companies in Nigeria which offer excellent human resource services, this post seeks to throw more light on them. In this article, we will look at the top 10 best HR companies in Nigeria. Most companies cannot run successfully without the human resource department. The HR department of any organisation is very important in […]

Introduction To Catering Craft Practice & Types


Catering is the service of providing food and drinks in a conducive environment (Hotel management) for a particular set of people at special events and at specific times. Catering as a professional has gained popularity as it serves as a means of livelihood to some people across the country and also a source of revenue […]

Catering Establishment: Types & Functions


This can be classified into two categories, they are: Commercial catering Welfare catering or non-commercial catering Commercial Catering Their main goal is to make profit and get returns on the invested capital. They may be owned by government or individuals. Customers may patronize any as they are paying for the service rendered. Examples are Hotel […]

Control of The Civil Service in Nigeria


The civil service is controlled in the following ways: General orders: Civil servants are bound by general orders also called civil service rules which outlines the rules and regulations governing conditions of service, duties and discipline of civil servants. Judicial control: Civil servants are required to operate within the law, and their actions can be […]

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