List of all 3C Hub Outlets in Lagos


3C HUB is one of the best and largest digital products retail store in the country which provides affordable goods of different brands with cutting edge technology and the latest models in Nigeria. In this article we will look at the contact addresses of all their stores in Lagos.  This retail store are an offline […]

Contact Details of All Addide Superstores branches in Lagos


This article is about the contact details of all addide shopping malls in Lagos. In March 2008, addide started operations with the pioneer store at 77, St. Finbarr’s Road, Akoka offering a selection of national brand grocery items, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and cosmetics. In recent times, they operate one of the fastest growing convenience-store […]

The Biafran Secret Service (BSS): All You Need Know


Information about Biafra Secret Service (BSS), salaries of its officers, oath, how they are been funded, the functions and real reasons for setting up the Biafra Secret Service, e.t.c is what this article contains. Nnamdi Kanu’s ‘Secret Army’ Clutching a hand fan bearing the Biafra insignia and clad in all white Jewish attire, a skull […]

Nigeria’s Fastest Rappers: Top 10 Best(2018)


Its no surprise that artist that raps well and fast in Nigeria have made a name in the hip hop industry and also in Africa. One thing that makes this musicians stand out is the fact that their punch lines are unique especially those that rap in Igbo and Yoruba languages. We have taken our […]

Best Insurance Companies in Lagos: Top 10


There are factors in rating the best insurance firms. Lagos is a state in Nigeria with many registered insurance companies offering various services. But which of these are considered the best to start with. To know a top insurance company, they must be popular among the public, must have a good track record and most […]

Trusted Delivery Services in Nigeria: Top 10


To deliver any item/ parcel conveniently around the country or internationally, you would need to contact trusted delivery services. But which of these delivery service companies in Nigeria is the best and are reliable to ship your package? Although, most claim to be reliable, we have listed the top 10 that are trusted and are […]

Reliable Courier Service Companies in Nigeria: Top 10


Reliable courier companies have made the sending and receiving of parcels an easy process. Location is no more a barrier as the world is now connected. So whether you live in rural areas or in an urban city you are sure that these trusted courier service companies in Nigeria are the best and are sure […]

Best ISP Companies in Nigeria: Top 10 Internet Service Providers


Every Internet service provider boasts of high speed connectivity of their internet service. No wonder the competition among these ISP companies have intensified especially with the introduction of 4GLTE service in the country. Are you looking for reliable ISP’s that can guarantee you or your organization high speed data without poor internet connectivity? We’ve listed […]

The 1988 Civil Service And Reforms In Nigeria


The civil service was greatly reformed in 1988 in line with the recommendations of the Dotun Philips civil service review panel established in 1985 by the federal government. Major points of these reforms are as follows: 1. The minister, not the permanent secretary, assumed responsibility as the chief executive and accounting officer of the ministry. […]

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