Forbes Top 10 Richest Nigerian Musicians 2018 & Net Worth


Who is Forbes richest musician in Nigeria this 2018? You would be amazed that popular hip-hop artists have taken the music industry by storm and amassing untold wealth and various endorsement deals. Nigerian musicians are no amateurs in terms of making millions. They release interesting songs via their record labels that top the billboards and […]

Lionel Messi Current Salary In Naira (2018)

Have you ever wondered how much is Messi’s salary in Naira? Do you know what he earns per week? See below Lionel Messi arguably the best player in the world- is one of the world’s highest paid footballers presently. Apart from his mouthwatering weekly wages, He also receives payment on some other football-related possession such […]

NDA Salary, Ranks, Requirements & Courses Offered

NDA Salary, Ranks, Requirements & Courses Offered The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) is the only military university in the country responsible for training officer cadets for the Armed Forces of Nigeria. The Nigerian Defence Academy with the acronym NDA is saddled with the responsibility of training officers for the Nigerian armed forces. As it stands […]

TB Joshua’s Wife: Evelyn Joshua Biography & Net worth

Evelyn Joshua is the woman behind pastor TB Joshua’s successful ministry. Pastor TB Joshua is the founder of The Synagogue Church of all Nation (SCOAN) in Nigeria and abroad. Biography & Education Evelyn Joshua was born on the 17th of December 1968 to the family of Mr and Mrs Nicholas Akabude. She’s a native of […]

Best Online Newspapers in Nigeria Today: Top 6


Online newspapers are now getting popular in Nigeria these days due to the fact that the Internet is now accessible to a lot of people who prefers to read latest breaking news on their mobile devices, tablets of even a computer. While the printed newspapers still exist, top print media houses have embraced the new […]

Current Nigerian Ambassadors And Their Assigned Countries: Full List

Current Nigerian Ambassadors And Their Assigned Countries: Full List

An ambassador is a high-ranking diplomat who represents a country abroad on behalf of its government especially on diplomatic matters. Nigeria as a country has 47 ambassadors representing her in various countries of the world. These new ambassadors carry out specific duties such as taking charge of the embassies, work to represent and advance the foreign […]

Top 10 Richest Churches In Nigeria (2018)

Religion has become an important aspect in the spiritual lives of Nigerians today. Christians everywhere attend churches to praise, worship and pray to God through Jesus Christ as commanded in the Holy Bible. With the establishment of different denominations in the country, the focus has now shifted from spirituality to wealth as to which church […]

All States In Nigeria That Share Boundaries With Other Countries

There are different African countries that share boundaries with Nigeria geographically which we covered extensively in our previous article. They are known as Nigeria’s neighbours and their borders are well defined to separate the territories of these countries so as to avoid territorial disputes. Looking at the map of Africa above, you would notice that […]

Nigeria’s Neighbouring Countries: Full List


Nigeria is surrounded by four neighbouring African countries that it shares various boundaries with. These countries include: Republic of Benin whose boundary is in Southwestern border, Cameroun linked to Cross River in the South-south region of Nigeria, Chad to the North-East and Niger respectively. Republic of Benin This is a small African country near Nigeria […]

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