Top 10 Richest Pastors in the World 2018 & Net Worth

When we talk about the richest men in the world, what comes into our minds are the likes of Bill Gates, Jim Bezoz, Warren Buffet, Prince Al-Asad, etc. In the religious setting, we also have pastors who are wealthy and are popular. If you were asked who is the richest pastor in the world? You […]

Factors To Consider When Searching For A Property In Lagos

Factors To Consider When Searching For A Property In Lagos

Purchasing a land or a developed property is one of the dreams of most Nigerians. It can be a so exciting and a scary expectation at the same time. This is mainly so because in Lagos state, Nigeria, there is always the possibilities of fraud. Hence, this write-up is meant to explain the factors everyone […]

Sante Barley Capsule & Juice: Benefits, Price and Dosage


Santé Barley Pure Capsule is a 500mg pure barley grass powder without any chemical or additives, packaged in vegetable capsules which has so many health benefits. The juice is also made from natural pure barley grass from New Zealand and I can tell you that it is a very powerful natural drink that can help […]

All Types of Religions in Nigeria Explained

types of religion in nigeria

The major religions in Nigeria are Christianity, Islam and Traditional religion. All these entail the worship of a Deity (God) and have different pattern of belief system. In a recent survey conducted, the country comprises of 50% Muslim population, 40% Christians and 10% belonging to other religious affiliations. In this article, we discuss about Christianity, […]

Biggest Pentecostal Churches In Nigeria: Top 10


Biggest Pentecostal Churches In Nigeria 2018 Pentecostal churches are taking another bold step in terms of largest building size, auditoriums, populations, branches etc. This is bound to happen since the country is very religious. Their congregations truly believe that there is a supernatural being who has the ability to change one’s destiny and impart the […]

Gucci Store in Nigeria: Location and Contact Address


Gucci is a popular Italian label of leather and fashion products such as trainers, clothing, sandals, gucci sneakers and slippers for men, e.t.c. The company was established by Guccio Gucci in Florence, Italy. The Italian brand amassed about €4.2 billion as income all over the world in 2008 and was ranked 41st position in the […]

Aki and PawPaw: List of Movies Acted Till Date

Here are Aki and PawPaw Movies List till date, you can download most of these Nollywood movies they acted online. Size doesn’t matter when it comes to being successful in Nigeria’s film industry. The story of Aki and PawPaw and their rise to fame gives us an insight as to how these veterans carved a […]

Nike Stores in Nigeria: Locations & Contacts Address


Authorised Nike Stores in Nigeria, Their locations & Contacts Addresses in the country. Buy original Nike products here. The Nike brand is a popular brand that deals mostly with the design, development, marketing and sales of sport outfits, footwear, equipment, apparel, accessories and other services. Nike is an American multinational company known globally and are […]

Top 10 Best Private Universities to Study Law in Nigeria


Law is a system of rules that are generated and imposed through social or governmental institutions to regulate conduct. While different private universities in Nigeria with law faculties that pride themselves as best schools for legal studies in the country, we know that not all these academic institutions are accredited. Law degrees have always been […]

Full List of Nigeria’s Senate Presidents

The National Assembly (NASS) is made up of both the Senate, which is the upper house of Nigeria’s legislature and the House of Representatives which is the lower chambers of the National Assembly of Nigeria. According to chapter one, section four of the 1999 Nigerian Constitution, the National Assembly is the country’s highest law making […]

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