Poorest President in Africa 2018

The Poorest President in Africa 2018

This post contains the poorest president in Africa, who might also be the world’s poorest leader and the least corrupt.


In one of our posts, we published a list of 10 African richest presidents and their Net worth. This time, we are writing on the poorest president in Africa. You would be amazed that Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has been labelled as the poorest leader in sub Saharan Africa and possibly the least corrupt leader in Africa.

The reason is based on his asset declaration prior to his inauguration in May 29 where he had N30 million which is equivalent to $150,000. In a report by The Washington Post, the declaration showed that the president is not in the league of rich African leaders.

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Although, Nigeria might not be on the list of Richest Countries in Africa, Nigeria tops the list of most corrupt countries in Africa 2018. President Buhari was elected because of his acclaimed record and promise of ending corruption whilst showing a sense of transparency.

Meanwhile, according to current Forbes ranking of wealthiest presidents, Jose Eduardo dos Santos of Angola is the richest African president with Net Worth of $20 million

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  1. nwa chukwu mere eze

    Sorry for Nigerians, this man no worth to be a president his brain is poor and his not educated.

    1. U that u claimed to be educated,have u read what u have writen?

  2. there is nothing that president buhari can do to change Nigeria, the man is God that can stop corruption [ jer 10:23] make una leave the man alone

  3. there is nothing that president buhari can do to change Nigeria, the man is not God that can stop corruption [ jer 10:23] make una leave the man alone

    1. It’s the collective effort of Nigerians to nip every form of corruption in the bud the penalty should be life imprisonment
      We should tell ourselves the truth it’s a learned powerlessness
      The man Buhari may not be currupt but with out fear or favour he is in charge of Nigeria and the buck stops and starts with him – He shouldn’t travel again for medical treatment he should fix the health care and security issue before he lives
      Small deliberate steps would be a plus for nigeira

  4. This “poorest” president just treated himself in UK with $32m! How much was VP’s gate budgeted this year? how much was his library budget las year? Who are you guys deceiving?

    Poorest president but they all die to be there! How much Prof Osibanjo’s salary a professor? How much is Buhari paying his ministers, including Kachikwu that claimed he was being paid over N100m abroad? All them, the NASS, the president, the VP, the ministersials? are all the same! None has the interest of the nation at heart. May God forgive them!

    1. You said treatment not stealing rite

  5. The only help that the so called president can help to nigerians is just to prove him self dead and let his Vice and Executives stop all this tricks of a thing.

  6. we are still looking up to him (97)

  7. Am not surprise that he’s the poorest president because from the look of things happening today in Nigeria he’s the poorest president………… God help us

  8. Poorest president and all the children school overseas in the best schools? The wife donate millions? Na wah!

  9. No dougth because he have “nothing”….. My only question now is “why is the poorest president the president of the gaint of Africa?? Pls I Need Answer!

  10. But he is merciless to the poor people considering the current Nigeria condition.

  11. Buhari no get sense since wen dat man don enter power problem don bokuu wel wel if possible e go shock una say nah buhari day spons all dose boka haram nd herdsmen deir weapons well only Jah will safe us well i dont blame he iz poor with d look of his face no make up artiste can design dat ugly face of hiz????

  12. young pee or what ever you call yourself, speak with fact and not on assumption. try to beheheheehhave like and educated person please. Buhari is the best president weather you like it or not.

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