Prophecies: Clerics predict tough times and impending disasters in 2016

Prophecies By Redeemed Christian Church of God-Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye.


1 Some families will trace the beginning of their generational blessings to this year.

2. Some will receive help from unexpected sources.

3. Grateful hearts will have more causes to be grateful

4. For many, the pendulum of life will generally be on the upward swing

5. A chosen few will receive blessings so large they can hardly contain them


1. Things are likely to get tougher, but it will definitely get better before the year ends.

2. What He started last year, He will finish this year, provided we don’t rejoice too soon.


1. Natural disasters, floods, fires, earthquakes, are likely to get progressively worse. If governments will repent of disdaining Christ and His church, He will help them win the fight against terrorism.

2. A major war will be averted this year

3. A new sexually transmitted diseases will surface.


Prophecies by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of LoveWorld aka Christ Embassy

1. Spreading in the ministry vision

2. The growth and dominion of the word in u and all circumstances

3. Unstoppable increase in all directions.


Prophecies by Apostle Suleiman of Omega Fire Ministries

1. If Americans don’t pray, there will be no election in 2016 as Obama wants a THIRD TERM. He will throw up  issues relating  marital laws.

2. I see a Governor in Nigeria dying.

3. I don’t see some Ministers in President Buhari’s cabinet in office in 2016. They will be abroad for medicals.

4. I see another World War (Russia Vs America)

5. Washington and New York should pray against terrorist attacks in 2016

6. Boko Haram has devised new strategies. They will come to public places screaming for help and when people gathers to assist,they blow off the bomb.

7. I see Warri, Delta state being bombed.


Prophecies by Dr. Daniel Olukoya of Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries.

This will be the year of the ROD OF GOD.

1. It shall be a year of boiling disturbances and strange crashing and failure of warfare facilities.

2. It is a year of acidic judgement on those who shed innocent blood no matter what religion they belong to.

3. It will be a year of harsh economic crunch.

4. It will be a year of the rage of the spirit of betrayal.

5. It is year that we need serious prayer against senseless massacre.

6. It is a year of construction and destruction

7.  It is a year of the destruction of blood thirsty and pains.

8. It is a year we need to pray against mysterious crashes and disappearance.

9. It is a year of very strange events

10.  It is a year of massive amount of sudden change and turnaround.


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  1. Hephzibah

    Sister in the Lord, God also minister to me about things that is happening in our country (NIG), but who are we to question the LORD, Is unquestionable God, all we need is to be fervent in prayer, and preach the Gosple so that people can change their ways of evil and turn to Jesus for Repentance.

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