What is Ronaldo’s salary per week 2017? See Correct Details

Q&ACategory: QuestionsWhat is Ronaldo’s salary per week 2017? See Correct Details
Odunayo Omokejimi Staff asked 8 months ago

According to Goal.com, Cristiano Ronaldo signed a new lucrative contract with Real Madrid in November of 2016 but is not expected to have pocketed a substantial increase to his existing £365,000-a-week terms. The new deal runs until 2021.


The Portugal captain is the highest-paid athlete in the world and earns slightly more than his team-mate Gareth Bale in terms of weekly salary, who most sources rank second. Lionel Messi who is now the highest paid soccer player collects £500,000-a-week before tax.

The only two footballers paid more than Ronaldo both play in China and signed their deals this year. Carlos Tevez is on a reported £615,000 a week at Shanghai Shenhua and Oscar is paid £400,000 a week by Shanghai SIPG.

When Ronaldo’s tax affairs were questioned late last year, his management company published documents demonstrating earnings of just under £20 million inside Spain. That lines up with the speculated £365,000 weekly wage, which totals at nearly £19m over 12 months.

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