Forbes Richest Football Clubs in the World 2018: Top 20

Current List of Top 20 Richest Football Clubs in the World for 2018

It has become a culture every year for Forbes to publish the recent/latest rankings of the top richest clubs and the highest-paid players in the world. Currently, the list is dominated by top Spanish clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona, Italian teams, German team and other top football clubs in Europe.

Apart from the popularity of these top clubs, the list released by Forbes took into account some factors like the club’s turnover/revenue, sports results and overall market brand. The recent TV rights accrued in the English Premier League also helped some of its clubs to be ranked among the world’s wealthiest soccer clubs.

English clubs like Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City are no surprise in this 2018 ranking as their spending power in the transfer market, jersey sales of top players, sponsorship deals with top brands ensured that these clubs cemented their place among the world richest clubs.

Also in the rich list of top twenty richest clubs for 2018 is one French team that has not been so lucky in the Champions League, Paris Saint Germain (PSG). Below are some of the worth of Europe’s top valuable Football Clubs

1. Real Madrid (richest club in Europe and in the world) is worth a whopping $3.65 Billion.

2. FC Barcelona is worth $3.56 Billion.

3. Manchester United is worth $3.32 Billion.

4. Bayern Munich FC are worth $2.68 Billion.

5. Juventus FC is worth $1.3 Billion Dollars.

Unfortunately, no African Football team made the list. Below is official table showing the Top 20 Most Popular Football Clubs in the World and their Worth according to Forbes Ranking this 2018.

Top 20 Richest Football Clubs in the World

NoClubValue ($)
1.real Madrid3.65 Billion
2.Barcelona3.56 Billion
3.Manchester United3.32 Billion
4.Bayern Monaco2.68 Billion
5.Arsenal2.02 Billion
6.Manchester City1.92 Billion
7.Chelsea1.66 Billion
8.Liverpool1.55 Billion
9.Juventus1.3 Billion
10.Tottenham1.02 Billion
11.Borussia Dortmund836 Million
12.Milan825 Million
13.PSG814 Million
14.Schalke665 Million
15.Atletico Madrid633 Million
16.Inter599 Million
17.West Ham542 Million
18.Rome508 Million
19.Naples396 Million
20.Newcastle383 Million

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