Richest Fuji Musicians in Nigeria: Top 10

2018 Richest Fuji Musicians in Nigeria: Top 10

Fuji was created by Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde barrister and it is one of the oldest genres of music in Nigeria. Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde barrister created Fuji in the year 1960 after seeing a Japan advert about its highest mountain which is called ‘fuji’.

After the introduction of Fuji to the country, Alhaji Sikiru moved a step further by touring through the foreign land, mostly European countries promoting the Fuji genre of music in the 1970s, these countries include Germany, Netherland etc. His tour in the foreign land was very fruitful as there were so many people who fell in love with the music across the world.


Top 10 richest Fuji musicians in Nigeria 2018

In Nigeria today, top Yoruba musicians such as Ajadi Ganiyu, Muniru Ayinde, Sikiru Onisemo, among others were the first set of musicians that promoted Fuji genre of music before a new generation of musicians which consist of Akorede Babatunde (Saheed Osupa), Wasiu Alabi, Wasiu Ayinla, Sulaiman Adigun, Kolynton Ayinla (kebe-n-kwara) Alao Malaika, Sanko Rashidi etc, also performed their quotas in ensuring that this genre didn’t fade out.

Fuji is a genre of music which consists of Sakara, Waka, Apala, Juju, Aro and Gudugudu ( also known as highlife).

Just as hip hop, Fuji had produced wealthy personalities whom have taken this genre as a career. These set of people are not only rich financially but are also popular in terms of influence, celebrity status, value and fame in the society.

The list of these people are numerous but we shall be limiting our list to the top ten(10) richest Fuji musicians in Nigeria this 2018.

Wasiu Alabi Pasuma

First on our list is Wasiu Alabi Pasuma, popularly known as ‘oga nla’ (big boss). Pasuma was born on the 27th of November 1967 in Mushin, Lagos. He is the richest Fuji star in the country who began his music career as early as 20 years old.

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Pasuma took the music industry by storm. He has also featured as leading actor in Yoruba movies which include: Iyanje(cheating), Alenibare among others.

He is also the most famous Fuji artiste known for his wonderful voice. Pasuma has also sangs with musicians from the hip hop genre of music. Among his hip hop songs is the hit single which he titled ‘ife’ (love) featuring Tiwa Savage.

Pasuma Alabi is currently the richest fuji musician in Nigeria with a net worth of #750million.

Olasunkanmi Wasiu Ayinde Marshall a.k.a K1 de ultimate

Born on the 3rd of March, 1957 in Agawaru,Lagos state. K1 de ultimate is one of the oldest Fuji musicians in the country with over 10 studio albums.

Just like Pasuma, K1 is currently showing interest in the contemporary genre of music (hip hop). Though yet to release any hip-hop singles of his own, he was featured by Olathe Adedeji (badoo) in his song which he titled ‘anifowose’.

K1’s net worth is estimated to be #650 million. This monetary value is as a result of profits made from the sales of his fuji music, as a master of ceremonies(MC), live shows and other events.

Abass Akande Obesere

Born on the 28th of January 1965 to the family of Pa Abass, Obesere has emerged as on of Nigeria’s wealthiest Fuji act. He had his primary school kwara before diving into music at early stage of his life.

His first music album was “introduction” but broke into limelight with the album titled ‘vulgar’ and since then, he’d recorded numerous albums. During his active days, many criticized him for displaying too much of woman’s ‘secret body’.

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His net worth is #600 million, Abass is a Yoruba musician that never jokes with the spiritual aspect of his life as he had been to Mecca(Islamic holy land), it won’t be out of place if we call him Alhaji Abass Akande Obesere. He featured Olamide Adedeji(baddoo) in his recent hip-hop single which was released earlier this year.

Akorede Babatunde Okunola (Saheed Osupa)

Another richest fuji musicians is the King of fuji himself, Saheed Osupa. Babatunde was born in 1969 in Lagos state to the family of Pa Moshood Ajiwere.

He started his music career as early as 1983 while he was still going to school, he completed his National diploma(ND) at the polytechnic Ibadan where he study business administration in 1992.

He released his first album titled ‘Fuji fa disco’ in 1993, he currently has 28 studio album. He is also an actor, who has featured in many yoruba movies such as Eni Eleni,Ose Maami, iku Oba, Agbeere Oju etc. His net worth is #557 million.

Adewale Ayuba (Mr Johnson)

Born on the 6th of May 1966 in Irene, Ogun state. Ayuba is one of the oldest and most popular Yoruba musician in fuji’s genre of music. He attended Remo secondary school but couldn’t further his education despite gaining admission into the university.

He started his music career in 1983 but had to wait until 1986 before releasing his first album which was titled Ibere (beginning) at the age of seventeen (17).

He was recognized in 2004 as the best entertainer of the year in America by the Nigerian in America community association. His financial/ net worth is estimated as #500 million. Among his released album were igida, ife(love), ijo fuji(fuji dance), Mr Johnson and award winning, bubble.

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Sulaiman Alao Malaika (Ks1)

Malaika is another rich fuji star born on the 15th February 1973 in Lagos state. He originated from Ogun state where he was brought up. Just like Ayuba, he started his career as early as 1983.

His net worth is not as much as Pasuma’s but can still boast of having more than #480million. He’s also an ambasssador to Tecno mobile, Amador suits, Sherfex oil and gas, etc.

Remi Aluko

Popular fuji artiste Remi Aluko was born to the family of Pa Sunday Ayinde Aluko who died precisely on the 22nd of January 2017.

Remi Aluko was known for his acting qualities, he had featured in many Yoruba movies, soap and operas.

It was reported in 2012 that the musician was blind. Though his sight isn’t that effective, he still remains a force to reckon with when it comes to fuji music. His networth is about #400 million (naira)

Shefiu Alao

A veteran fuji musician, Shefiu is known for his wonderful vocals. Apart from being a Yoruba musician, he’s also an actor. His net worth is 300 million.

Taye Currency

Though not as popular as others rich fuji musicians on the list, he can boast of having N250 million as his net worth.

Muri Thunder

Just as Taye currency, thunder isn’t popular but he is an expert in the music industry too.



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