Salary of Commissioner of Police in Nigeria

This post answers the question about how much is the salary of the commissioner of police in Nigeria today? We have written on the monthly and yearly salary structure of the Nigerian Police, in case you need information on that.


The Nigerian police is the principal law enforcement agency in Nigeria. This force has a staff strength of 371,800 and plan on increasing it to 650,000 by adding 280,000 staff. These staff are divided into strata according to their ranks and this determine how much they earn from the force legally. The rank of interest in today’s post is the commissioner of police.

According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, a police commissioner also known as a CP is a senior rank in many police forces of the world.

The rank exists in many forces ranking from the Royal Canadian mounted police, Catalonian police, Danish National Police, French national police, Italian state police, Dutch police, Polish police, Singapore police force, Spanish national police, the United States police and the Nigerian Police among others.

In Nigeria, the police commissioner is usually an experienced officer who is the head of an entire state branch of the Nigerian police force. That’s, every state in the federation has a commissioner of police that head the force in the state.

The commissioner of police salary structure is also different from other ranks in the force and their are other benefits attached to an officer who is the head of police in a state. His take home pay is usually bigger than that of Area commanders, D.P.O’s and other officers.

Salary Of The Commissioner Of Police

The salary of the commissioner of police in Nigeria can be generally categorized into two.

For police commissioners on grade 15(step 1): They earn N266,777.79 monthly and N3,201,333.48 yearly.

For police commissioners on grade 15(step 6): They earn N302,970.47 monthly and N3,635,645.64 annually.

It is important to note that a commissioner of police is appointed by the Nigerian police commission upon nominations.

The Inspector General of Police is a member of the commission and has great influence on the nomination.

Finally, he is directly responsible to the IGP and not the governor of the state as he receives orders directly from the IG.


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