Shopkeeper Finds Condom Floating Inside Coke Bottle

True life story of how Marcelo leal found Condom floating inside coke bottle

Last week, Marcelo Leal, a shopkeeper got the shocker of his life, when he discovered a condom floating inside a bottle of Coke as he was just about to hand it over to a customer.

condom-in-cokeAccording to Leal, whose shop is situated at Chamical in Argentina, he was about giving the customer the bottle when he noticed the object.

“I took a closer look and something was floating there, so I gave the customer a different bottle of coke and took the lid off the one with the thing inside,” Leal said

Since the incident, Leal and his brother, Carlos have contacted the supplier to clarify why and how the condom got inside the bottle of coke.

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