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Official Currencies of all African Countries: Full List (Updated)


This post contains the various currencies of all African countries, their denomination, currency name and country. These different African currencies listed here is the current and official list. A currency a system of money in general use in a particular country for trading, buying and selling. For example, the United States of America currency is […]

Countries of the World and Capitals: Full List


The full list of the names of countries of the world and their capitals in alphabetical order and all names of continents on planet earth. How many countries are there in the world today? The answer simply is 196. Some say there are 195 recognized sovereign nations in the world because Taiwan isn’t recognized by […]

African Countries: Full List of Countries in Africa and Capitals


This post will provide a full list of countries in Africa and their capitals in alphabetical order and will list the estimated total population of people living in the African continent and facts about African countries. Africa is made up of 54 fully recognized sovereign countries. Africa is also the second biggest continent in terms […]

10 Most Peaceful Countries in Africa: Global Peace Index Ranking


According to Global Peace Index ranking, some countries in Africa are currently experiencing massive unrest due to power tussle among their leaders while some other few countries experiencing peace in Africa is due to the rate of development in such nations. The Global Peace Index (GPI), currently ranked Iceland, Denmark, Austria, and New Zealand as […]

First Class Traditional Rulers in Nigeria: Top 5 (Updated)


Nigerian First-Class Traditional Rulers These first class kings in Nigeria are considered powerful monarchs. They hold influence over regions and tribe in which they reside. First class traditional rulers are seen as demi-gods in Nigeria. They are known to wield authority and supremacy in the country Most of these traditional rulers live long lives on […]

Least Educated Presidents in Africa: Top 10


Who are the Least Educated African Presidents? It may shock you to know that not all African Presidents passed through the four walls of a university. In our previous posts, we dealt with the most educated African leaders who have various educational qualifications. Research have shown that most educated politicians in the world tend to […]

Most Educated African Presidents: Top 10


Who are the Most Educated Presidents in Africa? Education is the backbone of any nation and very important for any individual. Have you ever wondered who are the most educated leaders in Africa?. Although most African presidents that don’t have masters, bachelor’s degree or even a high school certificate still lead their countries well, education […]