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Exposed: Salaries of the Least Paid Presidents In The World


The Least Paid Presidents In The World This post seeks to take you on a journey to find out who the least paid Presidents in the world are. While we exposed who the poorest president in Africa is, it is no secret that so many world leaders earn thousands, even several millions of dollars annually, […]

Least Educated Presidents in Africa: Top 10


Who are the Least Educated African Presidents? It may shock you to know that not all African Presidents passed through the four walls of a university. In our previous posts, we dealt with the most educated African leaders who have various educational qualifications. Research have shown that most educated politicians in the world tend to […]

Most Educated African Presidents: Top 10


Who are the Most Educated Presidents in Africa? Education is the backbone of any nation and very important for any individual. Have you ever wondered who are the most educated leaders in Africa?. Although most African presidents that don’t have masters, bachelor’s degree or even a high school certificate still lead their countries well, education […]