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Best 10 Countries To Study Abroad For Nigerian Students

There are many Nigerians who want to study abroad. They believe this will give them an edge over their contemporaries so they do all they can to get access to the top best countries to study abroad that are affordable. While some seek ways to go abroad to have a better education and actually pay […]

Current Best Universities in the World: Top 50


The ranking of top 50 best universities in the world to study was provided by Quality Survey. These world’s prestigious universities have over the years built a strong reputation as leaders in the world of academics, providing quality education, suitable environment for learning and churning out brilliant graduates to the world. While top countries like […]

10 Best Study Abroad Consultants in Nigeria

This post will list 10 best study abroad consultants in Nigeria just in case you are looking for a good/trusted education agency to consult that can help you process your admission into any foreign university of your choice without having to pass through the difficult process of registering for a degree in any foreign university […]

Oldest Universities In Africa: Top 10


Oldest Universities In Africa: Top 10 Africa is home to some wonderful ancient universities you can think of. So many great people have emerged from the four walls of some of these universities. This post will brief you on some of the oldest universities in Africa. Read along. 1. Al-Azhar University, Established 970-972 AD: Established […]

Low Tuition Accredited Medical Universities in Canada: Full List


Canada has some of the best low tuition medical universities that ranks among the list of accredited best medical schools in world. These schools offer premium medical courses to international students that patronizes them. Although, there are many cheap medical universities in Canada offering Medical courses, we shall focus on the best. Be aware that […]

Best Accredited Online Universities with Low Tuition Fee: Full List


Are you looking for the full list of the best online universities with low tuition fees to study, then this post will provide you with information on that. Online study is the right antidote to international students who are busy with their professional jobs and do not always have the time to further their studies […]

List of Universities With Low Tuition Fees In Canada


A very preferred place to study by many Nigerians is Canada. Academically, the standard and system in Canada is very impressive. Many of the schools are top notch and they are globally acclaimed. Many Canadian schools charge tuition fees, but studying in Canada is much cheaper than in a number of other first-world countries. Are […]