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Entry Level Salaries of Companies in Nigeria and Agencies


This post contains the entry level salaries of Nigerian companies and agencies. If you are looking to know what Nigerian Breweries starting salary is? or even the salary of NNPC staff fresh graduate or any other sector in Nigeria, you will find them on this page. For record purposes, while some salary figures on these […]

Official FedEx Nigeria Contact Address & Phone Number


Are you looking for how to contact FedEx Nigeria, phone number and address details in Lagos, Nigeria, this post will provide you with details of the best courier service agency in Nigeria, FedEx. FedEx just like UPS and DHL Nigeria is one of the most proficient courier agencies in Nigeria today that has been in […]

Best Furniture Companies in Lagos, Nigeria: Top 10


Contact addresses and phone numbers of Top quality furniture companies in Lagos, Nigeria that manufacture and offer best and real quality wooden designs, interior decorations and fittings or any furniture work for houses, hotels, offices or buildings. The functions of wood in building a house cannot be over emphasized. From the interior decorations, roofing, casting […]

Exxon Mobil Salary Structure: See How Much Exxon Mobil Pay Workers


Exxon Mobil Nigeria is among the top highest paying companies in Nigeria. Just like other oil companies in Nigeria like Shell, Chevron, Exxon Mobil pay their workers well. Exxon Mobil Nigeria is also among companies in Nigeria that pay their workers in dollars. Apart from their staff salaries, there are other host of allowances attached […]

Chevron Nigeria Limited Website, Address and Recruitment + Email


This post contains Chevron Nigeria Limited official website, address, contact details plus information on Chevron Nigeria recruitment & Email plus Salary. Chevron Nigeria ltd is one of the best oil & gas companies in Nigeria to build a career and work with just like Shell Nigeria and Total. Chevron is also the third-largest oil producer […]

Top 10 Insurance Companies In Nigeria (Best)


Best Insurance Companies in Nigeria with track record that offer top insurance services that can be trusted and is dully registered with good customers opinion  There many insurance companies existing in Nigeria but when it comes to picking the right insurance company to secure a policy from, certain things like reliability, integrity, and quick response of the […]

Official Guinness Nigeria Address, Website and Contact Details


This post outlines the address and website of Guinness Nigeria. It also contains where you can find and locate Guinness head office in Lagos, Nigeria. Guinness PLC is one of the best companies in Nigeria to work for. In Nigeria today, they among the few company who pay large salary to their entry staff and workers. […]

Official Unilever Nigeria Address, Website and Contact Details


This post outlines the address and website of Unilever Nigeria. It also contains where you can find and locate Unilever head office in Lagos, Nigeria. Unilever is one of the top companies to work with in Nigeria. They are the producers of nutrition, hygiene and personal care goods in Nigeria. Unilver popular products include: Pears, […]

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