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The Oldest Polytechnic in Nigeria: Yaba Tech


We have listed federal polytechnics in Nigeria, private, state polytechnics in the country as well as different universities in Nigeria but have you ever wondered which is the oldest polytechnic in Nigeria? Well, you shall learn that in this write-up. As we are aware that the white men who settled and colonized Nigeria brought western […]

Zuma Rock: History, Myth & Pictures


Zuma rock is a very popular landmark in Nigeria. As a child from Kogi States that grew up in Kaduna State, daddy had always told us numerous tales regarding the gigantic Zuma rock especially when we drive pass it and mummy tries very hard to show us the human face on the rock. Obviously, we […]

Refineries in Nigeria & Their Locations : Full List


This post will answer the question how many refineries does Nigeria have and list how many of these Nigerian refineries are working currently, their location and names. Currently, Nigeria has four refineries in total. One is located in Warri while another is located in Kaduna. Two of the remaining Nigerian refineries are located in Portharcort. […]

Ancient Wonders Of The World


The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World as compiled by Herodotus From ancient times before civilization, there existed a catalogue of the world’s most spectacular natural wonders and man-made structures. These structures according to historical findings were termed “The Seven (7) Wonders of the World” because these creations were built not only by great men […]

The First Gay Church in Nigeria


This write up exposes 15 things you need to know about the first gay church in Nigeria also called the House of Rainbow. Homosexuality in Nigeria is a topic that is controversial. The gay practice of Lesbianism is against the laws of Nigeria and even her culture. The first gay church in Nigeria is named […]

The Reason Why Nigeria Is Called The Giant of Africa


You will get to know the answers and reasons why Nigeria is called the giant of Africa in this article. If you are student doing research, project or even a debate on the topic, below are 13 convincing reasons why Nigeria is truly the “Giant of Africa”. 1. Nigeria is the most populous black nation […]

The First Newspaper in Nigeria (Picture)


Which Is The First Newspaper in Nigeria? If you are a student of Mass Communication in Nigeria, you should be aware that the first newspaper in Nigeria is Iwe Irohin fun Awon Ara Egba which means the newspaper for the Egba speaking people. It is also the first indigenous language newspaper in Africa and it […]