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The First TV Station In Nigeria: NTA Brief History


Wait a minute, have you been asked the name of the First TV station in Nigeria or probably, it just occurred to you that you don’t know a thing about this question? Well, you are not alone and I bet a lot of people close to you don’t know it either. Everyone most have been […]

The Oldest Polytechnic in Nigeria: Yaba Tech


We have listed federal polytechnics in Nigeria, private, state polytechnics in the country as well as different universities in Nigeria but have you ever wondered which is the oldest polytechnic in Nigeria? Well, you shall learn that in this write-up. As we are aware that the white men who settled and colonized Nigeria brought western […]

Zuma Rock: History, Myth & Pictures


Zuma rock is a very popular landmark in Nigeria. As a child from Kogi States that grew up in Kaduna State, daddy had always told us numerous tales regarding the gigantic Zuma rock especially when we drive pass it and mummy tries very hard to show us the human face on the rock. Obviously, we […]

The First Capital of Nigeria: Find The Right Answer Here


The answer as to which state was the first capital of Nigeria has raised a lot of controversies due to lack of official evidence to prove it. Although there are facts that claim that Lokoja is the first capital of Nigeria, others say it was Calabar and some Asaba. We shall provide the real answers […]

What Year Did Queen Elizabeth II Visit Nigeria?


How Many Times did Queen Elizabeth II Visit Nigeria? According to historical records, Queen Elizabeth II visited Nigeria twice in 1956 and in 2003 respectively. We shall highlight the purpose of her visit to one of the commonwealth realms before Nigeria got her independence in 1960 and after she became a republic in 1963. Prior […]