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Health Benefits of Lemon Water


Looking for an easily prepared inexpensive drink that is packed with enormous benefits to your health? Then lemon water is definitely one of such drinks you sure would want to have as a daily supplement when you give it a test and become marvelled by the awesome effects it had on your body. Lemon water […]

Health Benefits of Aerobic Dance Programme

One of the ways of achieving physical fitness is by participating in Aerobic Exercises. Aerobic dance to a lay man is a combination of dance step patterns and other whole body movements including walking, jogging, hopping, skipping, jumping and kicking accompanied with music. Aerobic dance is performed with rhythmic beat of popular music. It draws […]

Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Mangoes


Mango is popularly known for its delicious and sweet taste. Mango is just one of the many seasonal fruit that comes with a well rich vital nutrients which are of great importance to the body. Mango has a good number of health benefits ranging from boosting the immune system, protecting the liver, reducing cancer risk […]

Amazing Health Benefits Of Pumpkin Leaves (Ugu)

Telfaria Occidentalis is a leaf popularly known as Fluted Pumpkin or Ugu in Nigeria and is commonly planted in tropical areas, normally at the eastern part of the country. The junior shoots and leaves of the mother plant are the essential ingredient of the popular calabar soup “Edikain Ikong” Ugwu leaf can be taken when […]

Amazing Health Benefits of African Walnut

health benefits of african walnut

Most people eat African Walnut without knowing about its health benefits. This natural fruit is just an edible single seeded stone fruit can be cooked or consumed as snacks. African walnut is mostly found in Nigeria and some parts of Africa. In the western part of Nigeria, it is known as ausa or asala while […]