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Best Nigerian Wedding Blogs 2019: Top 10

These top 10 Nigerian wedding blogs are the reigning blogs that would help you attract publicity to your wedding. We have researched these wedding blogs in Nigeria for 2019 especially for those who would want their wedding anniversaries online or make it go viral on social media e.t.c. Below are Nigeria’s Top 10 Wedding Blogs […]

How Traditional Marriages in Nigeria is Done In Different Parts of The Country


This post outlines how traditional marriage is carried out in Nigeria (i.e Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo traditional weddings, bride price, marriage ceremonies in Nigeria e.t.c). It is a custom that traditional marriage in Nigeria is done before white/church weddings as culture demands. In different parts of Nigeria, traditional marriage involves the following: Introduction of the suitor […]

Legal Grounds For Divorce in Nigeria


The grounds for divorce in Nigeria are legal reasons that the law permits for the dissolution of a lawful marriage by one or both parties (couples). This is because there are periods when a couple feel they can no longer tolerate, live together as husband and wife under the same roof and would like to […]

Strictly For Guys Alone: Why You Can Never Marry Her


This post is quite long, but am sure the guys would love tt. Please Read… The most difficult time to be in a relationship as a guy is in your early twenties. The period when you are stuck in a limbo, trying to figure out yourself and who you want to be. At this age, […]

Ladies, Signs That You Have The Best Husband Ever


It is not easy to locate Mr. Right. One who you would spend your life with. While keen observation is key to find that near perfect man, there are signs that if your husband or man to be shows you, then he should be the best husband you can ever have in this world. According […]

13 Important Things Every Girl Observes In A Guy


What Every Girl Observes in a Guy Its never easy to understand ladies. There are some of the basic things a girl will look for in a guy whenever they see one. These are common factors that has disqualified many guys from getting into a relationship with the lady of their choice. They are as […]

Marriage Mathematics: Reasons Why You Must Marry Early

REASONS WHY YOU MUST MARRY EARLY By Anayo Nwosu When I came to the knowledge of this truth way back in the secondary school, I made up my mind to marry before the age of 30 against all odds. My dad died at a retirement age of 64 when I was 7 and my younger brother […]

Happily Never After: The Issues that Split Nigeria Couples


MRS. Gbemi Olufemi prides herself in her almost 30-year old marriage to her engineer husband. He swept her off her feet with his hardworking na­ture, his undying love and generosity 32 years ago. Even though they have had their share of problems, challenges and trials along the way, they were both committed to making their […]

7 Real Reasons Nigerian men run from marriage


Previously, one of Nigerian Infopedia writers wrote on the type of women Nigerian men love to marry and in that article he explained at length reasons why men have such preferences when it comes to women. In this article, I will spell out reasons why these same Nigerian men run away from marriage. Ladies, you […]