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The Largest City in Africa By Land Mass


If you were asked, what is the largest city in Africa by land? or its location, you might be confused as countries in Africa boast of having large cities even though they are nothing compared to the size of this city loacted in the African continent. The largest city in Africa by land is Cairo […]

How To Recite The Nigerian National Anthem

The Nigerian National Anthem was adopted in 1978 which replaced the old colonial anthem “Nigeria we hail thee”. It has two stanzas. Till date, most Nigerians don’t know how to recite the national anthem or even say her pledge. The Nigerian National Anthem is mostly said at official gatherings, sport events and military parades. When […]

Six Geo-political Zones In Nigeria & States


Most people don’t know that Nigeria is divided into six geo-political zones and has 36 states and capital. If you are looking for information on the list of the 36 states and capital in Nigeria, then you are on the right page as we have listed the 36 Nigerian states according to the six political […]

Names of Governors in Nigeria and Their Political Parties 2019


The names of Nigerian governors in all the 36 states and their political parties. It is the current list as of 2019 and can be used as reference for 4 years after the 2019 general elections that took place. Elections were held in 29 states for governors while new state assemblies would be elected in […]

Pictures of Nigerian Currencies (All Naira Notes)

This post contains the pictures of the eight Naira notes in circulation today. The pictures of Nigerian currency from the five Naira note to the One thousand Naira  note picture, both the front view and back view. The official currency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is the Naira. The history of then Nigerian Naira notes […]

Nigerian Citizenship: Meaning, Duties & Obligations


The Meaning of Citizenship A Citizen is one who belongs to and gives his loyalty to a particular country and who expects protection from such a country. Citizenship on its own is the legal relationship between the individual and the state. The relationship implies performance of duties and obligations on the part of the citizen, […]

Most Popular Languages in Nigeria: Top 10


Nigeria as a country is that comprises of different ethnic groups, tribes, cultures and languages. Although, there are some of these languages that are popular in Nigeria as well as their tribes. Just in case you are asked,  What is the most spoken language in Nigeria?, this post will expose the popular languages in Nigeria […]

5 Top Highest Oil Producing States In Nigeria


Over the years, Nigeria has been over dependent on oil. This is because, when oil was discovered in Nigeria, it became the main source of wealth and main base of the economy, thus making Nigeria rank as one of the top highest oil producing country in the world. Although, Nigeria is to a large extent […]

36 States in Nigeria and their Slogan (New)


In one of our post, we listed the 36 states and capital according to their Geo-political zones. In this post, we out-listed the 36 states in Nigeria and their slogan including the F.C.T. All 36 Nigerian states have their various slogans or motto they are known for. Most people don’t know this and we have […]