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8 Best Business Ideas for Retired Civil Servants


8 Best Retirement Business Ideas for Retired Civil Servants Have you ever thought of life after civil service. After spending 35 years in service what would happen when you retire after collecting your gratuity?. There are a lot of good business ideas for civil servants after retirement that you can do in Nigeria. You only […]

Corporate Affairs Commission CAC Website: Correct Address

CAC Website: Correct Address Corporate Affairs Commission is the full acronym for CAC, was established by the Companies and Allied Matters Act, which was promulgated in 1990. This is the Nigerian body certified by the law with the registration of business names in Nigeria or any new company in Nigeria. This post will reel out […]

How to Start a Fashion Boutique Business in Nigeria


Starting a fashion boutique business in Nigeria is a lucrative business that attracts a lot of customers. Although, there are a lot of quality/best fashion boutiques in Nigeria, venturing into such clothing business is profitable as long as you satisfy your customers by selling high quality clothes, keep up with the latest fashion trends in […]

Online Payment in Nigeria: How Secure is it


This post seeks to explain the risk involved in making payments online in Nigeria. It also seeks to proffer advice for safety measures in the transaction of business online with the use of ATM cards in Nigeria. One thing that Nigerians love asking and searching the internet for is “How safe is it to make […]

Things You Did Not Know About Cyberpreneurship

What Cyberpreneurship Is All About One recent form of technical entrepreneurship is using the improvements in computer technology, especially the internet to conduct business, promote business or perform the process called cyberpreneurship. Cyberpreneurship varies from an organization which merely promotes itself by using an electronic brochure called a “home page” on the internet, to companies […]