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What Is Nigeria’s ZIP code? See Right Answer


Normally, when filling forms especially online, you will notice a section for inputting zip code and you are confused on what it means and which code to put. This post is for you as it offers some clarification. ZIP code Nigeria Meaning ZIP means Zone Improvement Plan and it is used only in the United […]

Yaba Zip Codes in Lagos State


When filling a form and you are asked what is Yaba zip code, the answer is 101212. We have compiled a list of streets names in Ebute-metta east of Lagos state and their various postal codes in case you need it. Find below Yaba zip codes and all 87 Ebute-metta east streets zip codes here […]

New Abuja Postal Codes: Full List of Abuja Zip Codes


Zip codes for states in Nigeria is something people get confused about. Take for example, Abuja Postal code which are used primarily for sorting out mails easily. In Nigeria today, numeric post codes are used when compared to letters used by the western world. This post shall list the various new postcodes for different areas […]

Lagos State Postal Code: List of Lagos Nigeria Zip Codes

Lagos Zip codes are used to locate areas, towns, villages and even streets with the areas of Lagos. If you have noticed, when filling a form on the internet, you would see an option where you would be required to fill in your zip or postal code. To avoid making mistakes, it is important to […]

NIPOST Tracking Service: How To Track Your Parcel

This post will provide a step by step guide on how to track your parcel easily online in Nigeria using NIPOST Tracking Service. The NIGERIAN POSTAL SERVICE (NIPOST) is the body in charge of posting goods, letters, items from one place in Nigeria to the other. Although, most Nigerians don’t patronize NIPOST because of the […]

Abuja Zip Code List

Below are Abuja Zip Codes lists for different districts and areas in Abuja. Area: Central Business District Zip Code  STREETS  ZIP CODE 2nd Ave. 900211 3 Ave. 900211 4th Ave. 900211 Abuja Dr. 900211 Ahmadu Bello Way 900211 Constitution Rd. 900211 Hospital Ave. 900211 Independence Ave. 900211 Inner Express (N) Way 900211 Mohammed Buhari Way […]

List of Nigeria Postal Codes

Below are the list of Nigeria Postal codes for States in Nigeria. Please note that Zip code for Nigeria is 23401, just in case you are being asked to fill any form and you are required to put in Nigeria’s zip code. List of Nigeria Postal Codes Abuja 900001 Lagos (Island) 101001 Lagos (Mainland) 100001 […]