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8 Best Business Ideas for Retired Civil Servants


8 Best Retirement Business Ideas for Retired Civil Servants Have you ever thought of life after civil service. After spending 35 years in service what would happen when you retire after collecting your gratuity?. There are a lot of good business ideas for civil servants after retirement that you can do in Nigeria. You only […]

How to Start Car Wash Business in Nigeria


This post on how to start a car wash business in Nigeria will serve as a guide, offering step to step Car wash business setup and tips for success if you choose to start a car wash in Nigeria today. Car washing business is a very lucrative business to start in Nigeria that can fetch […]

Turkey Farming in Nigeria: Guide on How to Start


In our previous posts, we wrote on how to start fish farming in Nigeria. This time, we are are going to focus on Turkey Farming in Nigeria, a poultry business that is lucrative, easy to rear, manage and control.This article will serve as a turkey farming guide to those who wish to establish a turkey […]

How Much Nigerian Banks Pay their Workers, Entry Level


The banking sector in Nigeria is one place graduates would love to work because of the notion that they are among the highest salary paying organizations in Nigeria. Well, I would  not rate them too high because as far as salaries are concerned, they are never stable. How much Nigerian Banks pay their workers differs […]

Factors To Consider when Choosing a Business Location in Nigeria

There are factors to consider when choosing a business location? But when considering these factors, questions like: How can one conduct a business location analysis? What are the importance of location to a successful business, come up to the mind. Ironically, Choosing a small business location is an issue most entrepreneurs carryout without blinking an […]