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Top 10 Poorest States In Nigeria 2018 (Official List)


Nigeria is a country blessed with mineral resources and is made up of 36 states. These states are meant to be productive based on their available natural resources, and are meant to have a strong and honest government capable of managing these natural resources to generate its revenue. But the reverse is the case as […]

Current List of The 36 State Governors In Nigeria

Before we delve into the names of state governors in Nigeria and their parties, note that the Nigerian constitution stipulates that “A person shall be eligible for the office of State Governor in Nigeria if he or she is a citizen of Nigeria by birth, at least 35 years of age, is a member of […]

5 Top Richest States In Nigeria 2018

top 10 richest states in Nigeria

In our previous post, we published 7 top poorest states in the country (for reference basis), this time we are going to write about the top 5 richest states 2018. Nigeria as a nation is greatly blessed with a great economy, mineral resources such as oil, iron, gold e.t.c and agricultural resources. All these has […]

List Of North West States In Nigeria Presently

map showing the northern states in nigeria

In case you were asked what the North West states in Nigeria are and information concerning them, this write-up will list them out. The Northern tribes in Nigeria are known to be the largest but the poorest as they are poorly developed economically. Although, the north west boast of a relatively large land mass and […]

List of Northern States in Nigeria

map showing the northern states in nigeria

The different 36 states in Nigeria are divided into various regions which comprises of the Northern region, the south-south, the south west and south east region. Our focus in this post will be to list comprehensively all the northern states in Nigeria who are the Hausa/Fulani speaking people or tribe. Prior to the amalgamation of […]

List of all APC State Governors in Nigeria (Updated)


We previously listed all 36 state governors in Nigeria. This post will specifically list all APC State Governors currently in Nigeria. Before we delve into the names of APC state governors in Nigeria, note that the APC won 24 states in the last general election which makes them the current ruling party in Nigeria while […]

5 Top Highest Oil Producing States In Nigeria


Over the years, Nigeria has been over dependent on oil. This is because, when oil was discovered in Nigeria, it became the main source of wealth and main base of the economy, thus making Nigeria rank as one of the top highest oil producing country in the world. Although, Nigeria is to a large extent […]

36 States in Nigeria and their Slogan (New)


In one of our post, we listed the 36 states and capital according to their Geo-political zones. In this post, we out-listed the 36 states in Nigeria and their slogan including the F.C.T. All 36 Nigerian states have their various slogans or motto they are known for. Most people don’t know this and we have […]

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