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List of Nigerian Musicians: Past & Present Music Artists


The full list of all Nigerian musicians names both in the past and present in the Nigerian music industry is what this post is all about. We wrote earlier on the top celebrities that are famous and are known both internationally and locally in the country. These celebrities, whether Nollywood actors and actresses or musicians […]

10 Most Successful Actresses in Nigeria Today (2018)


We wrote on the current Nigerian actresses that are paid the highest in Nollywood this 2018. This time, we shall list those Nigerian actresses who are the most successful in their acting career and their net worth and are top celebrities in the Nigerian movie industry today. Over the years, top actors and actresses acting […]

Richest Igbo Man in Nigeria 2018


The richest man in Nigeria and Africa is Aliko Dangote but most people especially the Igbos want to know who the richest Igbo man in Nigeria is. This post will answer that question. Igbos in Nigeria and in the world are known for their ability to invest in different businesses. It is no surprise that […]

Richest Presidents in Africa: Top 10


The richest people in Africa are not just business men but African presidents and one thing is certain in a continent like Africa- there are a lot of corrupt leaders in Africa who are presidents in their respective countries and have over the years amassed wealth and riches from their countries natural resources. These African […]

Forbes Richest Woman in Nigeria Today & Her Net Worth

Among all the wealthy business women in the country, the richest woman in Nigeria today is Mrs. Folorunsho Alakija, an industrious woman who runs multiple businesses. Mrs Folorunsho Alakija Biography Mrs Alakija was born into a polygamous and wealthy family of Chief L.A Ogbara on July 15 1951 in Ikorodu, Lagos state. Her father had […]

List of Nigerian Looters: 10 Biggest in History


Looting of money in Nigeria isn’t anything new. Corruption in Nigeria didn’t just start today as there are people in the history of Nigeria that have looted millions and billions of dollars from Nigeria’s treasury. This set of people are today celebrated as hero’s instead of being probed or put behind bars. Some of them […]

Top 11 Inventors Of African Descent


Africa is home to some of the brightest minds around. With the world going technological and at a very fast rate, Africans have stepped up their game in ensuring that their names are written alongside their American and European counterparts when the role call of inventors is taken. Below are the top 11 Inventors Of […]

First Class Traditional Rulers in Nigeria: Top 5 (Updated)


Nigerian First-Class Traditional Rulers These first class kings in Nigeria are considered powerful monarchs. They hold influence over regions and tribe in which they reside. First class traditional rulers are seen as demi-gods in Nigeria. They are known to wield authority and supremacy in the country Most of these traditional rulers live long lives on […]

Least Educated Presidents in Africa: Top 10


Who are the Least Educated African Presidents? It may shock you to know that not all African Presidents passed through the four walls of a university. In our previous posts, we dealt with the most educated African leaders who have various educational qualifications. Research have shown that most educated politicians in the world tend to […]

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