Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries In the World 2018

According to, the list of the 10 most corrupt countries were measured based on a survey of more than 16,000 people from four regions. This year 2018, Nigeria surprisingly ranked first on the list.

The reasons giving for ranking Nigeria first on the list is because of the supposed corruption fight that President Buhari is fighting which has seen Nigeria’s former national security adviser, Sambo Dasuki among others facing trial on charges of fraud and money laundering. According to Bloomberg. It is the country’s first high-profile corruption trial since Buhari took office.

Russia, the second most powerful country in the world is perceived as the sixth most corrupt country in the world. The list looked bias as countries either opposed to US policies or the under-developed ones were all included.

Below are the 10 most corrupt countries in the world 2018

Country NameCorrupt RankBest Countries Overall Rank
NigeriaCorrupt Rank: 1Best Countries Overall Rank: 57
ColombiaCorrupt Rank: 2Best Countries Overall Rank: 49
IranCorrupt Rank: 3Best Countries Overall Rank: 58
PakistanCorrupt Rank: 4Best Countries Overall Rank: 56
MexicoCorrupt Rank: 5Best Countries Overall Rank: 27
RussiaCorrupt Rank: 6Best Countries Overall Rank: 24
AlgeriaCorrupt Rank: 7Best Countries Overall Rank: 60
EgyptCorrupt Rank: 8Best Countries Overall Rank: 39
KazakhstanCorrupt Rank: 9Best Countries Overall Rank: 55
BoliviaCorrupt Rank: 10Best Countries Overall Rank: 54

What is your take on the list of the world’s most corrupt countries. Do you think the list is bias?


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  1. Alheri Ishaya

    This list is not biars at all.

    1. Salem Bissa

      I agree with you Alheri

  2. Enoch Ekwuru

    Truth is like pregnancy,you cannot permanently conceal it.In my view,it is true.When Amnesty International did the rating,I faulted it.

  3. Odum

    Like Obj will say, one person can’t be corrupt, there must be two or more people for the act of corruption to ensue. One to give, another to take. If Nigeria gives, who takes and keeps for her? The western world should answer that question. I can’t see thrm on the list. If you can define corruption, we can neva be as corrupt as south American countries where drugs, sex and intimidation and suppression are the culture of the day. Our leaders are thieves, corruption is not stealing.

    1. Emeka

      God bless you

    2. If corruption is not stealing to you, then that’s
      why these bastards are robbing us dry. Sadly, many Nigerians share your distorted view of the world. With the country’s wealth sitting in the bank accounts of these rogue bastards, is it any wonder there are no good roads, no good hospitals, the police and the judiciary are s joke?

      1. sunshine

        Pls ask him well as it seems some of us Nigerians have been blindfolded by the lack of moral values of other countries and seeing their abuse of cocaine nd other drugs as corruption while they have all necessary facility to aid them even when they fall short health wise. What am saying is you can’t compare Nigeria’s govt packed with thieves nd selfish leaders who don’t have our welfare at heart to that of the other country like U.S.A take health sector for instance is it not an insult that our president was sick nd had to be hospitalized abroad yet upon his return has not deemed it fit to better our health sector instead he exhausts our money into another’s economy and leaves us in the sun to dry. Pls let see this ppl for who they are and stop defending their wicked ways

    3. franklin



    Na it be it ooo

  5. God'schild ede

    No bias in that list….we knew it as a citizen of nigeria but the problem is just that we hate the truth

  6. There is top 8 corrupt countries in the world

  7. Abdul

    It’s a lie, ds site is sponsored by corrupt n enemies of ds government.

  8. Abdul

    At least we don’t celebrate corruption again in Nigeria

  9. Rev wanye

    contact for ease and safe translation ,,,

  10. elijah


    1. Kaycee

      Use your hopes on something better, nigeria will never ever be good, talk more of better. nigeria is the definition of hell fire.

      1. Lets try and be hopeful for our dear nation’s progress

  11. Muhammad inuwa

    the problem of Nigerians is the leadership, coz there laws maker they have over power of all citizens, having say that, if there commotion in the state they have power to control it, the resent situations we are now. President (PMB) have good ambitious for all Nigerians while , some of laws maker doesn’t want it, people there awareness of the oppress gullible fraudster were caught with illusion money, that is the reasons they don’t happy with (pmb) leadership . all organisin most be dies sonar or later, remember all we are in dangerous ground,leather’s and followers, moment of life is steps toward death, billion of people were live before us all of them pass away,optimists and pessimist,million people were dying for hungry in Nigeria,we have mineral resources, we also have money, some op the African country in the world,we got independent before them but they were a high of us since , we are lack op creativity ,prostration, selfish interests,one funny thing in Nigeria, in this corruption million people were death do to the situations on it , this is an inhuman, they were killed people much mothen Amy robbers, people they were morning of there brothers and sister, so this is what happens . but we thanks God who change the previous tyrant leaders, and also restructure our father’s land.

  12. This rating is confusing because all the noise about corruption EFCC and ICPC cannot account for it,no one has been convicted by our so called judicial system and is jailed for been corrupt.Despite all the big big amount of money these establishments are professing on the pages of newspapers and televisions. So this present administration use noise to escalate Nigeria corruption profile globally to this level, so we have to be very careful in our dealings

  13. dyoung

    British is not included here why?.They are the master corruption by them selfe

    1. I strongly agree with you

  14. paul

    the list is bias cos the country listed is the country that refuse to bow to america and europe

  15. Daniel Obodoeme

    Nigeria will one day be free from corruption, because time will come when the bad leaders will remove their hands from leadership and the young one who is free from criminal ark will come in, to rule Nigeria. Nigeria is a great country indeed. I love my country Nigeria

  16. James simon

    Is a pit for Nigerians buhari came as a leader that has no corruption now Nigerians flash back to 2009 Nigeria was number 14 in corruption buhari has promoted it to number 1 in top 10 corrupt countries in 2018

    1. Odimayo

      Nigerian cover up their diabolic act then but now expose… how can someone be embezzling billion of naira when our population is not just a billion, make merry with nation cakes and forget about the less privileges,abandon projects in which they can gain from as a masses and now believe that they can go free… let us expose ourselves for rightful restructuring… thanks

  17. victor suah

    Liberia should be included among the first five because of the level of corruption in the country

  18. Levo Banhs Akhilesh

    Why won’t Nigeria be top 1st when snake have started swallowing money in the jamb office SNH

  19. konphydence

    this news is purely a falasy. Nigeria can never be ranked the most corrupt contry in the world were there are countries like samalia, Korea etc. do u urself believe that news. yes Nigeria is corrupt no argument there, but I refuse to believe that Nigeria is the most corrupt country in the word and I have checked other website to confirm, but only urs is saying otherwise, please be sure of ur information before posting it for the whole universal to c online

    1. There are different reports online, ours in gotten from a trusted source. Even if the corrupt nations you listed are known to be corrupt, from your observations, isn’t Nigeria very very corrupt?

  20. hope ofem

    bro the blind can even see stop bn corrupt knw wat to say

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