Top 10 Fastest Rappers in Nigeria Today (2018)

When listing out the fastest rappers in Nigeria this 2018, there are some notable names worthy of mention that have taken rap music to the next level. The fastest rappers in the world are Busta-rhymes, Twista and Eminem are just but a few popular American rap artist who have dominated the western music industry with their punch lines.


In Nigeria today, the likes of Olamide, Phyno, M.I, e.t.c are just a few of these fast rappers in Nigeria who have dominated Africa with their songs, topping billboard charts on a regular basis. Although there are upcoming ones, we would list the fastest Nigerian rappers who are popular and are considered hottest in the Nigerian music industry.

Below are the top 10 best and fastest rappers in Nigeria today in 2018.

1. Olamide

Olamide Baddo is the current YBNL boss. He is among the fastest Yoruba rappers in Nigeria currently. He has won many rap battles and his albums and songs are among the popular music we have in Nigeria. All Olamide songs are mostly rapped in Yoruba with a blend of Pidgin English. He is also one of Nigeria’s richest rappers.

2. M.I

M.I Abaga is currently the best Nigerian fastest rapper who knows how to carefully manipulate words without hitch. He can even produce slags as he sings. Although he has been out of the lime-light for a while, the chocolate city singer is still making waves in the Nigerian music industry. He has featured the likes of other top artists and upcoming rappers in Nigeria in most of his music

3. Phyno

Phyno fyno is a Nigerian producer who later turned out to be the best Igbo rapper we have in Nigeria. He overtook the likes of Nigg* raw to attain this position. He hails from the Southeastern part of Nigeria. He and Olamide are seen as the kings of the rap game. Apart from rapping, Phyno also sings which makes him the third fastest rapper in Nigeria 2018.

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4. Reminisce

When it comes to speed in the rap game, Reminisce stands out. He has been compared to the likes of Da-grin (late) and has won the minds of many through his style of rap music. Some see him as the fastest Yourba rapper in Nigeria but what we know is that he is among the best and hottest rappers in we have in Nigeria currently.

5. Illbliss

Mostly called Oga Boss, Illbliss kind of flow is a mixture of Igbo and English. Although his rap flow isn’t as prevalent as that of Phyno, he is still respected as one of the finest artist in the country. This is because his punch lines is second to none. He also contributed immensely to Hip pop in Africa at large. He is the fifth fastest rappers in Nigeria currently this 2018.

6. Falz

Falz the bad guy as he is fondly called is a Nigerian rapper whose method of flow is somewhat different from other. This is because he is a comedian apart from singing. His father is one of the most popular lawyers we have in Nigeria but he opted to do music rather than law.  He has left the list of upcoming rappers and joined the list of the top richest rappers in Nigeria currently.

7. Ice Prince

Ice prince Zamani is another top fastest rapper in Nigeria who has made name in the entertainment industry. Honestly, i don’t know who I would choose as to who is the fastest rapper among M.I and Ice prince. They are both signed under chocolate city and have a similar pattern of rap flow. His Oleku track and other music he sang proves that Ice prince is one the hottest and fastest rapper we have in Nigeria.

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8. Vector

They say VEC sounds like Jayz. He has proven to be one of the most respected Nigerian rapper everyone would love to work with. Vector is also on this list because during his time, he won rap battles in Nigeria and even abroad.

9. Jesse Jagz

Jesse Jagz is the younger brother to M.I Abaga. Just like his elder brother, he is also one of the hottest and fastest rapper in Nigeria presently. If you listen to Jesse Jagz punch lines you would see that he deserves his place on the list because of his speed.

10. Muna and Sasha P

Much is not heard of sasha p, who was one time the top fastest female rapper in Nigeria before she was toppled by Muna, an ex-beauty queen of Nigeria. Both Muna and Sasha P has proven that what a man can do, a woman can do better in the Nigerian Hip-hop industry.

Do you disagree with the list of fastest rappers in Nigeria 2018? Lets hear your own in the comment section below


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  1. olumide davies

    falz is a good rapper but he is not fast. let’s take a look at soldier he is not fast rite

  2. stanley

    yea he is fast

  3. stanley chukwuemeka

    to me jude abaga still remain african best rapper i know. one thing about this guy he’s a preacher m.i ilove u

  4. Donz

    Where do u put Uzi pls?

  5. Felability

    Were is Ycee name not in the list????

  6. imoleayo

    chai! u people dont kw anything, how will you b talking about m.i nd falz where olamide is there to talk abt……well olamide is the fastest rapper in nigeria(dont talk abt d language he used) go nd calculate his words per seconds in a song named “ZERO JOY”…..falz is not suppose to b there on the list……

  7. ajibola

    olamide is the fastest

  8. Prince destiny

    This his a big lie, I know his up coming but him and olamida has distance. If you want to believe me go and listen or download (lick up by xbaba Lewis ) I have never seen anyone so like that in Nigeria all my life.

  9. shydosky

    were is zoro, infact dis list is nt correct

    1. modibo daniel

      thank you abeg
      It seems dey have not listen to any of his hits

  10. modibo daniel

    zoro is the fastest naija rapper
    If you want to confirm download bianca ( ojukwu )

  11. skyon alu

    where is erigga

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