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  1. Effective

    Nawao,a single person owning four private jet,while there are some who hasn’t know what to take as food @ a particular moment, hmmm d help of d helpless, have mercy on us o.



    Have laboured day and night just to seek for daily bread while some Individuals are riding three(3) private-jet and twenty(20) cars what a world.


  3. prof. David

    This is really surprising, someone having about five private jets. Now tell me For what? and some people are suffering, looking for how to eat just once in a day. It so unfortunate to this our country. Maybe those people have forgotten that “Vanity upon vanity, All is vanity”. As you came to this world with nothing so shall you also die with nothing. mercy o lord.


  4. Segun

    God have mercy upon my life oooooo


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