Vision and Mission Statement of the Nigerian Navy

Nigerian-Navy-LogoThe vision and mission statement of the Nigerian Navy was given by the current Chief of the Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Ibok-Ete Ekwe Ibas and they are the various objectives that guide the activities of the Nigeria navy. It is the goal and role of every Naval officer to have this vision and mission of the Nigerian Navy in their hearts, to serve as a reminder, the mission of what they tend to achieve.

The Vision of the Nigerian Navy

“To develop a credible naval power in fulfillment of the Nigerian Navy’s constitutional roles towards enhancing national prosperity and security”

The Mission of the Nigerian Navy

“To deploy a naval force that is well trained, organised and highly motivated to discharge its constitutional roles professionally and efficiently for the defence of Nigeria in ensuring her economic prosperity.

Hope you know understand the vision and mission of the Nigerian Navy. The slogan of the Nigerian Navy is “Onward Together”


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