Where Is Asari Dokubo?

One of the leaders of The Movement and Emancipation For Niger Delta, Mr. Mujahid Asari Dokubo, some months ago boasted that he was going to start a nuclear war against Nigeria if Goodluck Jonathan did not win the last general elections.Where-Is-Asari-DokuboAfter making so much noise, Jonathan lost and Buhari is now in power. Our question is, Where is Asari Dokubo? Where is the nuclear war he promised to start? Why has he been quiet all this while?

Maybe the fear of President Buhari has got him shivering since his brother Tompolo recently got an EFCC invite. Maybe, who knows, very soon, with the current trend in the country, I suspect that the same might be passed to Dokubu.

Lets watch and see how the action folds.


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