Most Expensive Chicken Breed in the World (Pictures)

Surfing the internet, I came across something weird that I have never seen in my life ” the most expensive chicken breed in the world“. What even surprised me was the colour of these particular breed of chickens.

world-most-expensive-chickenHere in Nigeria, I have seen a lot of chicken colours but this special chicken breed is so different. I don’t know whether this kind of chicken exists in Nigeria. I Googled it to know more and even to know how much this black chicken costs. I saw pictures of this particular breed. Wonders shall never end in this world.

The breed is known as Ayam Cemani originating in Indonesia. It is a weird one. Everything in it is black from skin, bones, eyes, ears, combs, wattles even organs like liver, lungs and heart. A very special breed. Some say it is the best chicken meat in the world.

It’s among the most expensive chicken breeds in the world. A fully grown chicken could cost you $2500. Believe it or not. The blackness is due to a genetic trait known as fibromelanosis in which the cells tend to have too much melanin.The breed is so rare and that’s why it’s so expensive.

See more pictures below


black chicken (male)


Black hen


So whats your take on this?

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